Hello Cyberscapers!

We’ve been hard at work, taking in all your feedback and experiences as you navigate the neon-lit heart of Cyberscape. Today, we’re excited to give you a sneak peek at what’s on the horizon: a brand new map that’s sure to challenge and enthrall – Decryption Cathedral.

Majestic, mysterious, menacing

Nestled in an unexplored corner of Cyberscape, Decryption Cathedral stands tall, its grandeur juxtaposed against the dark recesses of the digital realm. Every pixel, every strip of neon has been meticulously crafted, making it a feast for the eyes. But don’t get too carried away with its beauty; the Cathedral holds many secrets.

Player character exploring a grand hallway in PROTOTYPE's cyber cathedral.

An arena unlike any other

Unlike any other arena you’ve faced in PROTOTYPE, Decryption Cathedral is not just a battleground; it’s a puzzle in itself. The map design encourages players to use strategy and wit as well as combat skills. Expect to encounter hidden passages, puzzling codes and challenges that will test your understanding of the Cyberscape and its secrets.

Blueprint design of the cyber cathedral from PROTOTYPE, showcasing the game's architecture.

The climax awaits

Without giving too much away, let’s just say that Decryption Cathedral will be a turning point in 07Vanguard’s journey. There are whispers of a looming confrontation, an epic battle echoing through the digital corridors of the Cathedral. Could this be the ultimate test for our beloved AI, 07Vanguard?

A conclusion or a new beginning?

We’ve heard your theories, read your predictions and laughed at your fan art. The story of 07Vanguard has resonated with many of you. As you enter the Cathedral of Decryption, you may find answers to lingering questions, as well as new mysteries to unravel. Is this the conclusion to the story of 07Vanguard, or just a prelude to something even greater? Only time will tell.

Coming soon!

The Decryption Cathedral is in the final stages of development. We can’t wait to open its doors to you, our amazing community. Stay tuned for more updates and, as always, dive deep into the world of PROTOTYPE.

Until next time, stay connected and keep exploring!

Head Designer