Ahoy, gamers! With the sun shining brighter and the days getting longer, what better way to cool off than by ramping up the excitement with a summer LAN party? At Cold Enemy Gaming, we’re all about making memories and having fun, so here’s your ultimate guide to throwing a summer LAN party that will be the talk of your gaming clan!

  1. Plan Your Battle Arena
    First things first, you need a place where everyone can set up their rigs. Basements, large living rooms, or garages are perfect for this. Make sure you have enough tables and chairs, and that the area is well ventilated – a cool gamer is a happy gamer!
  2. Tech Check
    Make sure your Internet connection is robust enough to handle multiple machines. Have a few extra Ethernet cables and power strips on hand – someone always forgets theirs. Setting up a test run before the big day can save you from connectivity crises when your quests begin.
  3. Cool themes and decor
    Get into the summer spirit with a fun theme that will set your LAN party apart from the rest. Think tropical islands, pirate coves, or space odysseys. A few decorations can transform your gaming space and make for great photo ops!
  4. Refresh and refuel
    Stock up on snacks and hydration. The summer heat means drinks should be plentiful, preferably with options like iced teas, sodas, or energy drinks. For snacks, stick to finger foods that aren’t too greasy – no one wants slippery controls. Think chips, pretzels, and maybe some fruit to keep things fresh.
  5. Game lineup
    Choose games that will keep the energy high and keep everyone engaged. Multiplayer games like Pirate Jam, PROTOTYPE, or any team-based strategy game are perfect for pitting friends against each other or working together toward a common goal. Make sure you have a mix that caters to different interests and skill levels.
  6. Night under the stars
    If space and weather permit, consider taking part of your LAN party outdoors. A projector can be used to show large tournaments under the stars, and some cozy blankets and pillows will create a chill-out zone for breaks between sessions.
  7. Safety First
    With all the fun of a LAN party, it’s easy to forget the basics. Make sure there are clear paths to avoid tripping over cables. Keep a first aid kit handy, and remember that regular breaks are essential to keep everyone alert and avoid eye strain.
  8. Swag and Prizes
    Everyone loves a good competition, so consider running small tournaments with prizes. Exclusive in-game items, gaming gear, or branded merchandise can be great incentives. Plus, they’re perfect for encouraging a little friendly competition.
  9. Capture the fun
    Don’t forget to document the fun! Set up a photo booth area with props related to your theme. Sharing these pictures on social media can also help promote your next gaming event.
  10. Goodbye Goodie Bags
    Send your guests home with a little something to remember the night by. Goodie bags can include snacks, personalized thank-you cards, or even trial codes for new games.

There you have it, captains and commanders! With these tips, your summer LAN party is sure to be a blast. Now gather your crew, send out those invitations, and get ready for an epic summer of gaming!

Stay cool, play hard, and remember that we at Cold Enemy Gaming are always here to keep the party going. Let us know how your summer LAN goes, we love to hear from our community. Game on!