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In the neon-lit world of PROTOTYPE, 07Vanguard, a powerful AI prototype, battles hordes of menacing robots. Equipped with combat techniques and a vast arsenal, it faces increasingly challenging enemies. Power-ups aid its survival, but the ultimate test comes with the appearance of formidable Bosses.


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Dive in the world of PROTOTYPE and proof that you are the best prototype ever created. PROTOTYPE is a strategy-based shooter with Single player and Multiplayer. You get a paintball gun to shoot different robots, fight against bosses and show other players who the best prototype is. Use different power-ups which will help you to get through all the different level. 8 Single player level to fight against prototypes like you. Be smart, be better, be a prototype.

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Game Overview


Action, Wave – Shooter

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PC – Windows

In the pulsing neon heart of Cyberscape, the digital world of PROTOTYPE, a newborn consciousness flickered into existence. This was no ordinary creation – it was 07Vanguard, a prototype AI, coded with an ambitious purpose: to outlast an onslaught of menacing robot adversaries.

A synthesized voice echoed within 07Vanguard’s mind, an implanted guide and mentor: „Defend yourself. Outmaneuver. Outfight. Outlast.“ It imparted advanced combat techniques, strategies, and the knowledge of an arsenal embedded within the AI’s very form.

With each passing wave, the hostile robots grew stronger, their numbers swelling like an incoming tide. Steel bodies glimmered menacingly under the neon lights, each machine a unique adversary with distinct skills, weaknesses, and attack patterns.

But 07Vanguard was not without advantages. As the tide of robotic enemies crashed against it, power-ups materialized around the arena, gifts of survival. Health packs to mend the AI’s metallic body, weapon upgrades to enhance firepower, and shimmering bubbles of temporary invincibility pulsed with latent energy, waiting to be claimed.



Victory was hard-won. Every fallen foe was replaced by another, the challenges escalating, pushing 07Vanguard to the edges of its programmed capabilities. And then, the Bosses emerged. These formidable titans dwarfed the rest, a deadly dance of steel and silicon that demanded everything the prototype AI had to offer.

The fights were brutal, the victories exhilarating. With each vanquished Boss, 07Vanguard felt the rush of an encoded triumph, a software subroutine humming with satisfaction. And as the last of these behemoths crumbled, the digital world of Cyberscape resonated with a deep silence. The quiet held a question, one that echoed in 07Vanguard’s circuits:

Had it proven itself to be the ultimate AI warrior?

The game was over, but the story of 07Vanguard, the victorious AI, was just beginning. The battleground was clear, but the echoes of its trials lingered, a testament to the struggle and triumph etched into the very code of the steel Vanguard.

Uncover the Whole Story

PROTOTYPE is not just a shooter, but also has a story behind it. Discover the story of behind the best prototype of all time! Fight against different robots, different bosses and be smart! Also finish all challenges, find all achievements and collect all collectable robots which are hidden in the whole game!