🍁 Ahoy, Puzzle Pirates of Steam! 🏴‍☠️

As autumn leaves dance 🍂 and the air turns crisp, we bring you an exciting invitation to join the world of Pirate Jam – absolutely free on Steam! And what better way to celebrate than by nominating this beloved seafaring puzzle adventure for the Steam Awards?

🚢 A Voyage of Puzzles Awaits You! 🎉

Set your sails for a journey through Pirate Jam, a game where you’ll help an old sailor navigate and tidy up a messy harbor. With 20 levels of engaging challenges and an alluring pirate-themed soundtrack, it’s a perfect pick for a cozy autumn day.

🏆 Why Nominate Pirate Jam?

Pirate Jam isn’t just a game, it’s a puzzle-filled adventure on the high seas, offering brain-teasing fun and strategic gameplay. With its captivating story and intricate levels, it’s a journey worth embarking on and a tale worth nominating.

  1. Craft your way through 20 unique puzzles. 🧩
  2. Enjoy a captivating pirate-themed soundtrack. 🎵
  3. Engage with a game that’s regularly updated with community-driven content. 🌟

🗳️ Ready to Nominate?
Nominating Pirate Jam is as easy as setting sail:

Head over to the Steam Awards Nomination Page.
Choose ‚Pirate Jam‘ in your preferred category.
Spread the word in the Steam community about your experience.

💖 We Value Your Support

Your nominations and support are like wind in our sails, propelling us forward in our journey of game development. As an indie team, your engagement and recognition mean the world to us.

Embark on this free adventure today and join us in celebrating Pirate Jam during the Steam Autumn Sale. Let’s make waves together and aim for the Steam Awards! 🍂⚓️🏴‍☠️

Fair winds and following seas,
The Pirate Jam Dev Team

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