Welcome to the next exciting chapter of Pirate Jam – the Space DLC!

Having successfully navigated the crowded harbours, our brave pirate now embarks on a cosmic quest across the stars! Pirate Jam’s Space DLC invites you on an adventure that transcends earthly boundaries, taking you into the vastness of space with challenges that are out of this world


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The Capitan is waiting for you

Welcome to Harbor Havoc!

An elderly seafarer arrives back at his home port after a lengthy voyage only to discover a chaotic scene. The fisherman have left their vessels in complete disarray. Determined to restore order, he starts the cleanup process, but quickly realizes he needs assistance. Will you lend a helping hand to this old sailor and bring harmony back to his harbor?

Your objective is to strategically navigate the ships in the water, ensuring safe passage. Keep in mind that collisions must be avoided, or your own ship will be damaged and ultimately sunk. Exercise your intelligence and carefully maneuver all vessels. Experiment with various approaches, strategies, and even attempt to speed run through the challenges. Don’t hesitate; dive in and rectify the disorder created by the fishermen!

Test your skills and find your personal strategy to conquer all 20 levels. You might just discover a solution no one has ever found before! Harbor Havoc is a straightforward game perfect for passing time, unwinding, or simply enjoying during your leisure moments.

If you’re prepared to tackle this task, jump on board, support the sailor, and download the game for free today!

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Master the unknown!

Are you ready to chart your course through these cosmic challenges? The Space DLC isn’t just about solving puzzles, it’s about proving your mettle as a master of the stars. Whether it’s the event horizon of a black hole or a barrage of space debris, each obstacle is a test of your skill and resolve.

Screenshot from Pirate Jam game displaying colorful ships in a grid layout
Screenshot from Pirate Jam game displaying colorful ships in a grid layout