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Welcome to Cold Enemy Gaming! We are your International Gaming Community. Meet, play and enhace your play with new mates and friends. All of it you can do here, on our Teamspeak or Discord!

We are more then happy to welcome you!

Hearth of perfect Gaming

Search for Team mates? Friends? a Community? Gamers? Clans? Here you can find anything

Doesn't matter what...

We welcome any kind of game or gaming. Gamers are never alone!

Doesn't matter when...

Our Servers are 24/7 avalible for you!

Doesn't matter who...

We don’t care from where you connect or which language you speak. We want to unite people!

What we do different

What makes us special about us?

We always try to be different then other communitys. Thats why we give everything to keep you here with us. Many things that we do are not obvious for a gaming Teamspeak…

24/7 Online

We won’t let you alone


Own channel and waiting room


Get your own Clan Fortress with 3 customizable channels

Any game

We don’t care what you play or do while staying with us

Personal Channel

Get your own personal channel


We unite and don’t discriminate


We support you with any problem you have


We organize Events

My advantages as a streamer at CEG

We support you even if you are a very small streamer. Our support reflects on our TeamSpeak, our Discord and our Website. You get an own channel that you can customize however you want. Your channel gets a waiting room for your viewers where you can talk or play with your viewers together. As an extra you get an own space on our website where people who visit it can see that you are online.


My advantages as a clan on CEG

When you search a place for your own, your place is here. We support you and your mates with 3 customizable channels that you can use for any purpose you want. The only thing you need to watch is your name. We do not support any racist, sexist or offensive names!