Experience the Neon Battlefields with an Exclusive Autumn Offer!

🍂Autumn’s Digital Frontier Awaits🍂

As the seasons change, so does the battlefield of the Cyberscape. This autumn, the neon heart of PROTOTYPE beats to a special rhythm, offering you the chance to embrace the AI warrior within at a 55% discount until 28th November.

🛸Unlock the secrets of the Cyberscape🛸

Whispers in the lobby point to hidden walkie-talkies that carry enigmatic dialogues. What secrets do they hold? Who are the voices that ponder the existence of something greater within the code? As you venture into the heart of battle, keep your sensors tuned to these cryptic transmissions and piece together the clues that will deepen the narrative of 07Vanguard’s journey.

🏆The Call of the Steam Awards🏆

In the spirit of this vibrant season and the esteemed Steam Awards, we extend an invitation: nominate PROTOTYPE. If our hidden dialogues have piqued your curiosity, if the thrill of battle has quickened your pulse, let your voice be heard in the halls of the Steam Awards. Each nomination is a story shared, a battle honoured, and a strategy celebrated. Share yours.

We stand at the threshold of an opportunity – the convergence of the Autumn Sale and the celebration of gaming’s finest through the Steam Awards. Gather your fellow gamers, make your nominations, and let’s etch 

PROTOTYPE’s name into the annals of this year’s nominees.

  1. Challenge the relentless robot enemies.
  2. Master the advanced fighting techniques.
  3. Discover the power-ups that tip the scales of victory.

As the neon lights shimmer against the steel canvas of Cyberscape, your nomination could be the beacon that guides new warriors into our ranks. The sale may end on the 28th of November, but the legacy of 07Vanguard will live on in every player’s story.

Join the battle and cast your vote now!