New Language Support:
We’re thrilled to expand Pirate Jam’s horizons! Now, you can enjoy the game in a variety of languages:

  • English (Interface, Full Audio, Subtitles)
  • Ukrainian (Interface, Subtitles)
  • French (Interface, Subtitles)
  • Italian (Interface, Subtitles)
  • German (Interface, Subtitles)
  • Spanish – Spain (Interface, Subtitles)
  • Danish (Interface, Subtitles)
  • Finnish (Interface, Subtitles)
  • Japanese (Interface, Subtitles)
  • Dutch (Interface, Subtitles)
  • Polish (Interface, Subtitles)
  • Portuguese – Portugal (Interface, Subtitles)
  • Turkish (Interface, Subtitles)
  • Estonian (Interface, Subtitles)

Bug Fixes:

Fixed various level-related bugs, ensuring smoother gameplay across all stages.
Addressed the issue where players were stuck on the 20th level, providing a clear path to victory.
Added more bugs to fix later.

Happy sailing, and enjoy Pirate Jam in your preferred language! 🏴‍☠️