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Many people asked us: “What game can you suggest? No shooting or action. Just for relaxing.”
So we searched out the Top Singleplayer Games! We looked for all sorts of games. Strategy, Storyline but also quitzes.

  • Euro Truck Simulator

    Especially now while Corona is forcing you to sit home, ETS can give you the travel feeling. Travel trough Europe and visit all the citys you want while sitting at home. The graphics are realy good for such sim. With all settings on high (you don’t need a high performace pc for it) you get a very beautiful atmosphere.
    Ets is also very mod friendly. So you can add your self extra trucks or cars. What I personaly like about this game is the customizability of the Trucks. Paint jobs, lights, wheels, cabin decoration and much more.
    With DLC’s you can expand the map or buy tunig packs for your truck! Its worth it!
  • We Happy Few

    We Happy Few is a rogue-like action adventure game that also contains elements from a computer role-playing game, first person shooter, puzzle, survival horror and stealth computer game and is played in first person view. The game world is embarrassed by a procedural synthesis and the view is adapted to the medication. In order to move faster, you can use fast travel. The game can be played at levels of difficulty that are based on the skill and ability of the player. The different characters also have different play styles.
  • Life is strange

    Life is Strange is an award-winning and critically acclaimed episodic adventure game that allows you to rewind time and affect the past, present and future. With a really exciting story and a long play time its one of my favorite games. When you like roleplay and adventures in one, this is a game for you. You play as Alex (18 years old girl) trough 5 episodes. As I played it, I felt my self like in a movie. For trying you can get Episode 1 for free.
  • Portal

    You have the option of teleporting your self or objects in order to solve certain tasks. At the beginning of the game, you gradually gain control of the mobile portal device from Aperture Science, with which blue or orange teleportation portals can be created by shooting on a suitable surface. Only one portal of each color can exist at any one time, a new one replaces the old one. The speed of objects thrown in is also maintained or as described in the game:
"Speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out."

"What goes in quickly comes out again quickly."