🔥 Brace yourselves, gamers, for the ultimate showdown! We’re beyond excited to unveil the long-awaited PROTOTYPE Demo, now available for you to immerse yourself in! Get ready to dive into a neon-saturated universe where cutting-edge AI meets electrifying battles.

What’s In Store for You in the Demo?
🤖 Double the Fun: Get a taste of the full PROTOTYPE experience with adrenaline-pumping levels, showcasing the diverse challenges that await.

🛠️ Strategic Combat: Experiment with advanced combat techniques and wield an extensive arsenal as you devise tactics to outsmart your foes.

⚔️ Battles: Test your mettle against robots, whose cunning strategies and sheer power will push your skills to the edge.

Unlock a Glimpse of Gameplay:
Dive headfirst into the electrifying gameplay that PROTOTYPE offers. Fight your way through swarms of robotic adversaries, strategize your moves, and seize the opportunity to upgrade your weaponry and strengthen your defenses. The Demo grants you a tantalizing taste of what awaits in the complete game.

🚀 Are you ready to rewrite the course of AI history? The neon future is here, and it’s yours to conquer in PROTOTYPE. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of the excitement – step into the digital battlefield today! 🤖🎉