The cosmos beckons, Captain! 🌟

All hands on deck and telescopes to the heavens! Pirate Jam’s Space DLC is about to enter our orbit. Are you ready to take on the astral tides?

Your Odyssey Among the Stars

Chart new courses and navigate cosmic maelstroms as you solve stellar puzzles in an all-new, out-of-this-world adventure.

New Galactic Challenges 🛰️

Prepare to face mind-bending puzzles on a galactic scale. Each level will require your finest strategic thinking to manoeuvre through an interstellar flotilla.

Shanties for the Starry Sea ⭐

The celestial ocean is no longer silent. Immerse yourself in the harmonies of the cosmos with exclusive space-themed shanties.

A Universe to Unravel 🌌

10 new levels, each a constellation of challenges to navigate. Can you master the cosmic mess left behind by the intergalactic fishermen?

Escape the Event Horizon 🌑

Avoid getting caught in the gravitational pull of black holes as you find your way to the stars.

🔜 When? — COMING SOON 🧭

Mark your space maps and prepare your crew. The countdown for the launch will be starting very soon. Keep your spyglass trained on the horizon and prepare to sail the starry sea. The universe is vast, but your adventure is only a warp jump away!