Rules of da house


The rules of our Server MUST be respected. If not,  you can get banned or kicked by a Serveradmin. The rules you can see here down below.

 Rules of Our Teamspeak


By entering the TS3 these rules are accepted


§ 0 General Behavior on Teamspeak
Treat other users of the server with respect. With permanent insults of other users or other offenses, one has to reckon with the consequences. These can either be a kick or a spell.


§ 1 Avatars & Naming
Avatars (pictures) must not contain any insults. It should also be noted that misanthropic, racist, sexist, National Socialist, pornographic, discriminatory or other, under German law inadmissible content, are prohibited.
If a pseudonym, ie the name of a user, or an avatar violates one of the above rules, a kick or even a ban occurs.
Insults against team members are also punished with a kick/ban.


§ 2 disturbing calls
Disruptions of any kind are not tolerated, always behave politely.
Loud music in the background (be it through soundboards, mobile phone, stereo, etc.), permanent, annoying speeches, as well as “noise” such as loud noise in the background are to be avoided.
Use your Teamspeak settings options and mute your microphone if necessary to give the other person the chance to chat.
The use of voice distorters is prohibited and will also be punished with a kick/ban.


§ 3 Channel hopping
It’s forbidden, that means that you have to go from channel to channel!
If you annoy people with permanent re-emergence of the channel, you can possibly also be kicked/banned.

§4 record 4 calls
The recording of calls is not allowed on the entire server. Who tries to start a recording is moved by a BOT.


§ 5 Absence
If you are absent you should use the AFK-Channel or think about leaving the Teamspeak for that time and join later.


§ 6 Kick / Ban
No one is banned or kicked for no reason! ALL team members have the authority to kick and ban people if they see a need in it.


§ 7 Right to issue
The server team has full authority. Those who do not follow the instructions of the server team will be warned and kicked in case of emergency. If this heaps up a spell is to be expected.


§ 8 Advertising
Any kind of active advertising for your own purposes is prohibited, if not previously agreed with an admin. By advertising, we mean audio advertising, voice advertisements, links and text messages to the channel or individual users, as well as files with advertising content, which are uploaded in the channels.
The recruitment of members is forbidden on our server.


§ 9 hacker attacks
Any attack against this server is punishable. The IP addresses are logged and, in the case of an attempted attack, of whatever kind, brought to criminal prosecution.
This applies especially to floating with various programs and DOS attacks.


§ 10 Privacy
Private data such as telephone numbers, addresses, passwords, IPs, pictures, Facebook accounts etc. may not be exchanged or procured.
A team member will never look for your password or similar. ask.
More information about our privacy found her [url=http: //] Here: [/url]


§ 11 Music Bots, Tuner Consumers, Soundboards, General Bots and Plugins
Are only allowed in own channel. Bots in public channels (even if only quietly in the background) are punished with a ban.
However, bots should not be used as placeholders to keep a channel “alive”.
Furthermore, any plugins that interfere with the normal use of the team peak (Love Plugin / Stay Away and the like) are prohibited.
The Nerves with Voice Consumers is prohibited on our server for EACH Channel!


§ 12 Uploading Files
It is not permitted to upload pornographic, racist or legally protected material and/or to exchange it with other users.
If you want to upload something from a channel, please contact support.


§ 13 Channel Rules
Server rules can be overridden or expanded by channel rules. It is essential to follow the channel rules and to be aware of changes.


§ 14 Reporting Obligations
All users are required to follow the TS3 server rules. If a rule violation is detected by a user, it must be reported immediately to an admin.


§ 15 Identity Veiling
VPNs, proxies or similar identity veiling is prohibited!

§ 16 Disputes
Private misunderstandings and disputes are also private and are not TS3-related.

§ 17 Permanent Channel
All channels with the thumbs up icon in green are not in danger. After an inactivity of 1 week of the channel, a “thumb down in red” is set. If this is the case, the channel will be deleted within the next week


© by Cold-Enemy Gaming The admins reserve the right to change the rules.