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We are Cold Enemy Gaming

Cold Enemy Gaming is YOUR place to chill, game and relax. Here you can find new friends and mates for your team. Our Teamspeak can give you many Options to play. Even if you are a lonely person

Getting Involved

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24/7 Online for you

You can join our Server. Itā€™s 24/7 online and for you and your friends available. If you need help with a user or else, you can go in the support area, and a supporter will help you as soon as possible! If you Register you are intently a Community member.

MakING a Donation

We a Happy about ever Donation we can get. Your donation will support our Server and can be used for like: More space on the server, better performence or an own Gameserver with the name Cold Enemy Gaming.

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Our Team is ready to help


The dude that leads the whole Server.


The Teamspeak Developer that likes complicated things


Supervisor in Team who lead the team.

Often Asked Questions

Can I have an own channel?

Of course. Just register on our website and report your selves the support. The Supporter will ask you to prove the account and then you just need to say your Password and Channel name and… Tada, you have your own permanent channel. Have fun with it! šŸ˜€

I'm an Clan Leader, and want to join you...

Oh, that’s fine. The only thing you need to do is to have 4 active Users, every Clan partner is registered on the website and you have minimum one English speaking person.

When you fall under these conditions, you just need to report in the Support. The Supporter will lead you the next parts.

HELP, no supporter is online that could help me!

That shouldn’t be a problem, cause the owner can help you too. And if the Teamspeak is completely empty, just wait a few minutes or hours and somebody will join to help. Also, you can use the Chat on our website. There is more often somebody online.

I want to be a staff memeber of CEG

Everybody can apply for staff. But, not everybody can get staff. But how? So, you go to Google Docs and create a new document. There you write your application! Your application should include:

  • Your real first name
  • A part about you (at least 100 words)
  • Your TeamSpeak ID and name
  • Your experience as a team member of other servers
  • Your strengths and weaknesses (3 of both)
  • URL to your Website Account
  • Why we take you as moderator (What sets you apart from the crowd)

After writing your application you report your self in the Support Area and send theĀ  CompetentĀ  Supporter the URL to your Document. Do not forget to set your document on visual for everybody! Then lay down and wait until you get messaged by one of our Admins.


Our Partners

What we do

Our Services


Permanent Channel

Do you need a place for many friends? No problem. You donā€™t need to sit in the User talks, or somewhere else. With your own channel, you can sit for hours and play! Game or make Party!

Get mates for every team

We are an international community, full of Gamers. So if you need Support for any game, there is a big chance that you can find somebody around here. And if not? Search ingame somebody to play and bring him on the Server!

Events for you

Every week we make a small Event. You can take part in it for free and if you have to suggest something, just go to the support area and suggest* us an idea. We will try to realize this idea as soon as possibleā€¦

Your own Clan space

You have more than 4 Guys, and want to have a nice big area for your self? No problem. We offer you an own rank, your own rules*, advertising in the Teamspeak, a small page on the website and more.

What Drives Us


Our Mission


Our Mission is to make a big community full of different nationalities and games. It doesn’t matter; Simulation, shooter, RPG… we support every game. One of our goals is also to make a non-racism server. I as owner saw many Teamspeaks or Gameserver that had the rule ,,Language break”. I still can’t understand why, but our Community supports every nationality. And if we don’t understand each other, there is a cool website named ,,Google Translator”!


Info & Events

Get Involved

Join us by registering on our website! By being a part of us, you can meet new friends and get mates forĀ Your team.